Articles>> Volume 4 Issue 1, 2020

Biological applications and secondary metabolites of Saussurea costus (Falc.) Lipsch.
R. B. Semwal, K. Joshi, A. Pandian, P. P. Badoni and D. K. Semwal
J Convent Knowl Holist Health 4 (1): Art. ID 201 (2020)
Saussurea costus (Falc.) Lipsch. (Compositae), popularly known as Kuth in Ayurveda, is useful for gastrointestinal disorders in the form of a digestive agent, anti-gastric agent or an appetizer. Its roots have been used in respiratory problems like cough and asthma. The plant is also used in various other traditional medicinal systems including Unani. A number of scientific reports have proved its therapeutic importance as anti-gastric, anti-asthmatic, antispasmodic, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. A variety of secondary metabolites including sesquiterpenoid lactones, lignins, and phytosterols have been identified as bioactive principles from the roots of this plant. Today, many healthcare products are available in the market those contain S. costus roots as single or in the form of a polyherbal formulation. According to the IUCN Red List, S. lappa is under the threatened category and due to its high demand in the market, it is becoming extinct very fast from its natural habitat. Hence, there is an urgent need to protect the plant by promoting its cultivation on a large scale.

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