Articles>> Volume 4 Issue 2, 2020

Preliminary phytochemical analysis and antibacterial study of crude extract from Hamelia patens stems
V. Kanchana, G. Venkat Kumar and R. V. Shalini
J Convent Knowl Holist Health 4 (2): Art. ID 207 (2020)
The present study aimed to analyse the phytochemical and antibacterial activity of different extracts of the tropical plant Hamelia patens Jacq. (Rubiaceae). The antimicrobial activity was carried out using agar well diffusion method. Hexane, petroleum ether, ethanol and chloroform stem extracts (100 μL of 50 mg/mL each) were introduced into the wells separately and allowed it to undergo incubation. After the incubation time was over, the plates were observed for zones of inhibition and compared with positive control ciprofloxacin at a concentration of 30 μM. These results provided evidence that the tested plant extracts possess antimicrobial properties which can be tested further in the development of novel antimicrobial agents.

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