Monthly Archive: May 2017


Roxburgh’s Wormwood

Artemisia roxburghiana Wall. Ex Besser (Compositae)

Synonym : Artemisia indica var. exilis Pamp.

Description :   A perennial herb of 20-50 cm height with creeping rootstock; stem simple, purplish tinged; leaves deeply dissected woolly or nearly hairless, twice cut …


Indian squill (Jungli piyaz)

Drimia indica (Roxb.) Jessop (Asparagaceae)

Synonym : Urginea indica (Roxb.) Kunth

Vernacular Name : Indian squill, White squill, Sea-onoin (English); Jungli piyaz, Ban piyaz (Hindi); Vanapalandu (Sanskrit).

Description : A glabrous herb; bulb dull white or pale, ovoid, 2.5-5 cm …


Pala indigo plant (Dudhi)

Wrightia tinctoria R.Br.

Vernacular Name : Pala indigo plant (English); Mitaindrajau, Dudhi (Hindi); Svetakutajah (Sanskrit).

Description : A small deciduous tree, upto 10 m in height with pale grey, smooth, thin bark abounding in yellow milky with opposite divaricate branches; …


Lavender (True Lavender)

Lavandula angustifolia Mill. (Lamiaceae)

Synonym : Lavandula officinalis Chaix

Vernacular name : Lavender, True Lavender, Garden Lavender (English)

Description : An evergreen shrub of 1-2 m high; leaves 2-5 cm x 4-5 mm in size; stem leafless upto 30 cm …