Daily Archive: July 8, 2017


Dwarf copperleaf (Sessile joyweed)

Alternanthera sessilis (L.) R.Br. ex DC. (Amaranthaceae)

Synonym : Gomphrena sessilis L.

Vernacular Name : Matsyaksi, Patturah (Sanskrit); Gudrisag (Hindi); Dwarf copperleaf, Sessile joyweed (English).

Description : Much branched prostrate herb, branches often purplish, frequently rooting at the lower nodes; …


Calamus (Sweet flag)

Acorus calamus L. (Acoraceae)

Synonym : Calamus aromaticus Garsault

Vernacular Name : Vacha, Ugragandha (Sanskrit); Bach, Garbacc (Hindi); Sweet flag, Calamus (English)   

Description : Semi-aquatic rhizomatous perennial herb; rhizome creeping, much branched, as thick as the middle finger, cylindrical of …