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Sutkeri Masala - A Nepali traditional recipe and effective puerperal health tonic
Buddhi Prasad Paudel
J Convent Knowl Holist Health 5 (2): Art. ID 218 (2021)
Health promotion in developing countries like Nepal is almost impossible without developing Ayurveda and incorporating it into the national health care system. Reproduction, child health, maternal nutrition and diet are mentioned in Ayurveda classics. Normal puerperium is six weeks post-delivery period when the maternal system returns to a pre-gravid state. In traditional Nepali culture use of Ayurveda based recipe is popular in different ethnic societies for healthy puerperium and postnatal period. Methika, Yavani, Nepali Soop, Maricha, Chokada, Madhise Badam, Kaju, Mishri, Jaiphal, Gond, Dalchini, Ghrita, Narikel, Battisa and Khuwa are the ingredients of Sutkeri Masala. The preparation of the same resembles Abaleha Kalpana. Regular use of Sutkeri Masala in the dose of 10 to 20 grams twice daily during the puerperal period helps in the healthy restoration of physiological changes in pregnancy. Sutkeri Masala is safe and time tested traditional Nepali recipe. It is helpful in restoration of changes in pregnancy, prevention of complications in puerperium, lactation promotion and healthy newborn.

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