Articles>> Volume 5 Issue 1, 2021

Spatial mapping and enshrined capacity: Assessment of COVID-19 servicing Indian hospitals
N. Ravichandran, S. Shivangi and B. Rakesh
Curr Med Drug Res 5 (1): Art. ID 214 (2021)
In Public health crises like COVID-19, healthcare services alone won't essentially cause the well-liked changes within the health status and outcome. Human resources with needed competency for managing healthcare crisis could be a challenge, and can't be over accentuated. A systemic approach adopted to analyze knowledge, management, and delivery of COVID-19 services in the Indian context while the concentration curve alongside regression statistical techniques was used to examine the nature of competency and skill variations among the health-functionaries. Training processes on COVID-19 aren't streamlined and systematic. The method of organizing a training programme depends upon the need-based mostly. This mirrored within the variability of health-functionaries reported with adverse events, infected with the coronavirus. Several COVID-19 strategies focused on healthcare-functionaries and its associated front-liners to save lots of lives and alter the lifestyles of the population. The stigmatized COVID-19 disease brutally distanced the frontline health-workers and socially distanced the sufferers' delay in reporting, with heightened morbidity and mortality. Training is just on information rather than on competencies for action. The quality training and the level of community-based health intervention flaunted not to expect health functionaries to perform expectedly. Training-competency and skills-related inequality and inequity in health exist. There's a necessity to sources information equitably to empower the healthcare providers to deliver service effectively.

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