Articles>> Volume 5 Issue 1, 2021

Elucidation of the origin of autoimmune diseases via computational multiscale mechanobiology and extracellular matrix remodeling: theories and phenomenon of immunodominance
Rajiv Kumar
Curr Med Drug Res 5 (1): Art. ID 215 (2021)
Experimental practices of computational multiscale mechanobiology were applied to explicate different topographies of mechanobiology and to predict the fine minutiae of mechanosensing and mechanotransduction in a cellular system accurately. Autoimmune diseases denoted as biologically implausible. Recently, scientific and medical communities investigated autoimmune diseases and associated settings to conclude the disarrays of autoimmune as earlier as possible. Therefore, an urgent need is there to evaluate ocular immunology and the route of growth of autoimmune diseases. Scientific investigations play a significant role to detect interrelated cures and bearing research for probing treatments for autoimmune diseases, which are yet undiscovered. Extracellular matrix remodeling followed in the cellular microenvironment dynamically to manage remodelling events. Immunodominance deals with the immunodominance mechanism evolved in response to clearing any type of infection and not yet distinguished entirely.

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