Articles>> Volume 4 Issue 2, 2020

Treatment of a case of Fournier’s gangrene after a perianal abscess debridement
Madan Bhandari, Naveen Rao, Prasanna Narasimha Rao and B. J. Gopikrishna
J Convent Knowl Holist Health 4 (2): Art. ID 210 (2020)
Fournier’s gangrene is rapidly progressive and potentially fatal infective necrotising fasciitis affecting the external genitalia, perineal or perianal regions. Among many sources of infection, perianal surgical manipulation is one of the major contributing factors. A 45-years diabetic patient who had recently undergone surgical debridement elsewhere to treat a perianal abscess visited SDM Ayurvedic hospital with mild scrotal pain and an unhealthy surgical wound. He was treated surgically with broad-spectrum antibiotics, strict control of hyperglycemia, regular minimum debridement of wound and dressing with a Yashtimadhu taila (an herbal oil with Glycyrrhiza glabra, Emblica officinalis, Sesamum indicum and cow milk as active ingredients) famous for its wound healing property. The patient gradually recovered and the wound was gradually healed with secondary intention.

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