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Treatment of Gudbhramsa (rectal prolapse) with Kshara Sutra – a case study
Varsha Saxena
Curr Med Drug Res 6 (2): Art. ID 227 (2022)
The term prolapse of the rectum implies a circumferential descent of the bowel through the anus. Gudabhramsa (rectal prolapse) has been described by Sushruta in Ayurveda under the heading of Kshudra roga. The line of treatment for rectal prolapse is restricted to surgery. In this case history, the patient is an elderly female having complaints of mass per anum, constipation, frequent urge to defecate and incomplete sense of defecation for 6 months. The patient was diagnosed to have a partial rectal prolapse after the per-rectal examination. Hence, the Encirclement of Anal Canal by Kshara Sutra (EACKS) treatment was employed to correct the rectal prolapse without surgical intervention in a very cost-effective manner and prevent the recurrence of rectal prolapse. The size of prolapsed mass decreased gradually and completely by the 48th day of treatment with no relapse till date. This mode of treatment was found promising for this case of partial rectal prolapse with no recurrence and other complications.

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