Articles>> Volume 6 Issue 2, 2022

mRNA purification: Technology aspects and impurities
Mauro Luisetto, Khaled Edbey, Nili B.Ahmadabadi and Oleg Yurevich Latishev
Curr Med Drug Res 6 (2): Art. ID 225 (2022)
mRNA vaccine production like other biopharmaceuticals needs various purification stages in the manufacturing process. The techniques used in this process are including tangential flow filtration (TFF) followed by different chromatographic procedures (affinity and ion exchange separation) with various kinds of resin and then the ultrafiltration-diafiltration (UF/DF) technique. So, it is of interest to verify whether the material used for this kind of procedure is solid phases or the membrane and if released impurity in the final product. From an observational point of view, some relevant literature and references as well as some producers’ website and patents were consulted. For silica-based reversed-phase packings, a carbon load percentage indicates the amount of functional bonded phase attached to the silica-base material. This work aims to investigate the role played by these characteristics in the separation process of mRNA. Because this parameter influences the retention time, it is interesting to evaluate the use of the separation technique of biopharmaceuticals and also for the carbon-coated silica columns. Silica gel for chromatography can be produced by synthetic processes as well as from rice husk ash treated at high temperature. This article also describes the effect of using a high level of carbon-coated silica material on the final purified product, impurities occur during the manufacturing process of resins using the graphitic particle and the role of carbon (graphene-quantum dots) membrane reported in various research applications.

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