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Nadi Vigyan Nidhi (treasure of pulse science) and Nadi Vikriti (distorted pulse) – an Ayurvedic concept
Ravneet Kaur and Amandeep Sharma
J Convent Knowl Holist Health 6 (2): Art.ID 230 (2022)
Nadi Vigyan is a vast and accurate science for diagnosing diseases. In ancient times, laboratory and ultrasound screening facilities were not available. Even then Pulse Diagnosis was popular for assessing the health condition of patients. This science is correlated with different Gods like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Health status can be assessed with the help of various parameters of Nadi Vigyan. Those parameters are Colour, Temperature, Circulation, Smell, Direction of flow and Strength Time. Each Nadi has its own colour like white, black, or yellowish-reddish-blue. During touch, the temperature difference is observed in the form of warm, cool, semi-warm and cool. While observing Nadi flow, its peak could be irregular, long length or short length type. Nadi can be of different smells like without smell, sharp and medium smell. The movements of Nadi is in three directions that are upward, downward and oblique. It also varies in relation to weight i.e. light and heavy. In the daytime, interpreting Nadi is not similar to at night. Working strength is more in the daytime as compared to nighttime. Claudius Galen was said to be the first physiologist to describe the pulse in modern sciences but according to Ayurveda, this knowledge was transferred from Lord Shiva to Ravana and God Inder. From God Inder, it is again given to Kanaad. Both Ravana and Kanaad wrote their own books. Modern ECG is nothing but a refined, graphed and documented modern study of Nadi Vigyan. Although precautionary measures have a major role in Nadi Preeksha (study), an exact and more accurate interpretation of Nadi Gyan is the need of the hour to feel proud of our ancient sages in alleviating diseases.

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