Articles>> Volume 6 Issue 2, 2022

Attitude and adherence to COVID-19 preventive measures - lockdown and vaccination among Niger Delta University students
Peter A.Owonaro,Joshua F.Eniojukan,Daughter E.Owonaro and Gloria Irosomonyu Godwin
J Convent Knowl Holist Health 6 (2): Art.ID 227 (2022)
The aim of the present research is to evaluate the practice of COVID-19 and attitude towards COVID-19 preventive measures among students of Niger Delta University. A cross-sectional study was carried out among 350 Niger Delta University students. Respondents were drawn from the Faculties of Pharmacy (75, 21%), Nursing (80, 23%), Management science (150, 42%) and Arts (45, 13%). Three departments were chosen from each faculty; the respondents comprised 400 level students (36%), 300 level (21%), 100 level and 500 level (16%) respectively and 200 level (12%). The majority of the students were between the age of 18-25 years (63%), 25-30 years (35%) and 30 years and above (2%). The study had more males (55%) and of the Ijaw ethnic group (55%). A mean of 267 (76.3%) students were in agreement with the COVID-19 protocols whereas 83 (23.7%) had dissenting voices. The most adopted measure was wearing a facial mask (100%). The most applied measures were washing hands more frequently with soap and water (98%), use of hand sanitizers (96%), avoiding going out of the home unnecessarily (95%), staying at home whenever they fell sick (94%); use of disinfectants and solutions (91%), avoidance of handshaking, hugging and kissing (84%). A total of 79% of the respondents Always (6%) or Sometimes (73%) defiled the lockdown order for no special reasons. Regarding academic studying experience, 36% and 41% respectively reported the lockdown to be Somewhat stressful and Moderately Stressful; only 8% found it Extremely Stressful. About 64% of respondents had not been vaccinated. Out of those who had been vaccinated, 76% and 24% respectively had taken 1 or 2 doses. The majority of the participants reported good attitudes and adherence to COVID-19 prevention measures such as lockdown and vaccination.

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