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Caesalpinia crista L.: A review on traditional uses, phytochemistry and pharmacological properties
Pooja Upadhyay, Bhuwan Chandra Joshi, Ankush Sundriyal and Sushmita Uniyal
Curr Med Drug Res 3 (1): Art. ID 191 (2019)

A review on pharmacological actions of Ferula asafoetida oleo-gum-resin (hingu) in the management of abdominal pain
Ashish Kumar Tripathi, Sushma Rawat, Shuchi Mitra, Usha Sharma and Khemchand Sharma
Curr Med Drug Res 3 (1): Art. ID 192 (2019)

Colourants used in food and pharmaceuticals – A comparison of natural and synthetic colours
Preethy Bhasimon
Curr Med Drug Res 3 (1): Art. ID 193 (2019)

Ayurveda: A world where diabetes can do no harm
Rashmi Tokas Rana and Raja Ram Mahto
Curr Med Drug Res 3 (1): Art. ID 194 (2019)

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