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Concept of Achara Rasayana in Ayurveda – an effective behavioural therapy for health management
Rajesh Kumar Verma and Deepika Prashar
J Convent Knowl Holist Health 7 (1): 235 (2023)
Various dimensions of human beings have been dealing with Ayurveda for a long time. In the aetiology of various diseases, all the factors like physiological as well as psychological have been given equal importance. Ayurveda advocates a unique concept of positive behaviour to maintain the mental and emotional balance under Achara Rasayana. We are living in so sophisticated society that we are moving away from our essence. The deadly outcome of such a modern society is stress. Ayurveda deals with various dimensions of human beings. Achara Rasayana's principles are based on the fact that one should live life in harmony with nature. It teaches about virtuous behaviours which are necessary to develop a healthy society. It also works in the way to calmness of mind which is necessary to develop spiritual aspect. It is one of the eight major divisions of Astanga Ayurveda. This strategy regulates behavioural social conduct which ensures a healthy life in a healthy society. Following the rules which are described in Achara Rasayana, create rejuvenation in person which in turn help in the qualitative promotion of Dhatu and Ojas which are vital factors in health and immunity. A careful analysis of the qualities of Achar Rasayana reveals that most of them are related to manas, dhi, and dhriti, along with good conduct and this results in maximum benefits. The principles of Achar Rasayana are more relevant today than ever. The following of Sadavritta and achar rasayana is of utmost importance to maintain the healthy and happy sociophysiological well-being of a person.

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