Guide To Authors

A grammatically sound and well-written manuscript in all manners should be submitted either via online submission system or email to
The authors will be notified immediately after receiving a manuscript.
Please note that J Convent Knowl Holist Health is an open access journal and the manuscripts are freely available to download. As the publisher is not receiving any financial support from any source, hence, the production cost of the journal is covered from its valued authors.
The publication charges are very nominal (INR 3000/ USD 100 per article) and can be waived off on request. The publication charges will be only paid in case a manuscript is accepted for publication.
The acceptance of the manuscript will be subjected to the reviewers’ comments.
The author using animals or human subjects for their studies must be provided approval/ license number from Institutional/ National/ International pre-clinical/ clinical ethical committee. In the case, if approval number is not provided under the experimental section, the manuscript will be summarily rejected.
The experiments on animals and humans must be performed strictly as per "CPCSEA" and "ICMR" respectively. These guidelines are online available at and
The manuscripts send to reviewers those have expertise in the area of the manuscript for which they are inviting to. Once agreed for the review of a manuscript, a reviewer submits the comments/ suggestion within 7 days. In selected cases, additional time can be given to complete the review. It should be understood that there are no conflicts/ association between the reviewer and the author(s), if any, one must be informed to Editor. The decision of a reviewer is unbiased.
[1]. All the references must be cited in the text as per following criteria
i. The report/ study by single author must be cited as “Author surname followed by publication year” for example “Lee, 2017”.
ii. The report/ study by two authors must be cited as “Surname of First Author and Surname of Second Author followed by year of Publication” for example “Pandian and Semwal, 2016”.
iii. For a work/ study with three or more authors, include the surname of only the first author plus “et al.” followed by year of publication, for example “Rawat et al., 2010”
iv. A report published by an organization/ association must be cited as “abbreviation of the organization followed by year of publication” for example “WHO, 2020”
v. Such reports in which the author name is not disclosed, these can be cited as “Anonymous followed by year of publication” for example “Anonymous, 2012”
[2]. The reference list must be arranged alphabetically at the end of the manuscript text. The references must be written as per following style.
i. For Journal references:
[a]. Bard M, Woods RA, Bartón DH, Corrie JE, Widdowson DA (1977). Sterol mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: chromatographic analyses. Lipids, 12, 645-654.
[b]. Zhang W, Brombosz SM, Mendoza JL, Moore JS (2005). A high-yield, one-step synthesis of o-phenylene ethynylene cyclic trimer via precipitation-driven alkyne metathesis. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 70, 10198-10201.
[ii]. For Book Reference:
[a]. Crabtree RH (2001). The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals, 3rd ed.; Wiley and Sons, USA.
[iii]. For Book Chapter
[b]. Maurya IK, Semwal RB, Semwal DK (2020). Combination therapy against human infections caused by Candida species. In: Combination Therapy against Multi-drug Resistance, Wani MY, Ahmad A (Eds), Elsevier, Netherlands, pp. 81-94.

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