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Significance of Marma Sharir in Ayurvedic classical text
Deepika Prashar, Subhash Chandra Upadhyay and Sakshi Sharma
J Convent Knowl Holist Health 7 (1): 234 (2023)
Ayurveda is an ancient science which deals with the maintenance of health as well as the cure of a diseased person. It also deals with the thorough study of Sharir Rachana which comprises of human body and its constituents like asthi, sandhi, marma, kala etc. Ayurveda also explained different terminologies like koorcha, sira, dhamani, seemantha, etc. These all deal with scientific study of the subject Sharira Rachana which is compared to human anatomy in modern science. An important concept explained in Ayurveda is called Marma. Marma Vigyan deals with the position and utilization of different vital points in the body. According to our Acharayas, there is one hundred seven marma present in our body. Especially, we get the complete explanation of marma in the Trimarmiya Sidhi Adhyaya. In this chapter, there is an explanation of the definition of the marma, its types, relation to the panchamahabhutas, effects after injury and treatment. Their sadhyata and asadhayata are also explained in this section. Marma is basically classified into five types depending on the anatomical structures that are mamsa, sira, sanayu, asthi and sandhi. In addition, marma are also classified depending on their location. Hence, we are going to rewind the complete knowledge of Marma explained in Ayurvedic literature.

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